Rage Against The Machine at Rock The Bells

Zach de la Rocha and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine

Last night I witnessed music history when Rage Against the Machine played at Rock the Bells, the second of a brief six show reunion tour.

Only one description does this show justice: FUCKING AMAZING.

Which shouldn’t surprise, considering 70,000+ Rage fans had been waiting seven years to see the band perform. This place was destined to explode, and it did.

At one point during the set I feared for people’s lives because the crowd was so insane. The mosh pit ended when the show ended. People were being rescued from the fracas by the dozen. We lost Wes before the band even went on.

This was easily one of my top five concerts, right up there with the first time I saw Rage in 1997 at Coca-Cola Starplex in Dallas.

To see Zach de la Rocha back on stage with his old mates sends a tingle down your spine, and makes you wonder why the hell they would ever break up something so good. Everyone in the band sure looked like they were happy to be back together.

Tom Morello seemed like he had put his bland made-for-radio Audioslave days behind him by shredding his guitar all night and jumping from amp to amp with his fist in the air. Tim Bob tore up the base. At one point while I was fighting off some 6’7″ guy with a mohawk, I caught Zach staring at his band mates with a smirk on his face. He knew. We knew. This was history in the making.

Zach also had a follow-up to his controversial comments in the band’s first show at Coachella, which was all over the news and made the band a target of FOX News and – that’s right you guessed it – the dumbest bitch alive Ann Coulter. Stay tuned – I’ll post Zach’s response video as soon as it hits the web.

The only question remains: can they work it out long enough to put together a new album.

It means that Zach will have to put up with Tim Bob’s antics, and Tom and Zach will have to put their egos aside. Zach isn’t going to calm the anti-Bush rhetoric, so Tom should embrace the band for what it used to mean to all of us: fight the power, question authority, and lastly WAKE UP.

Rock The Bells Lineup


3 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine at Rock The Bells

  1. I was at the same show and actually remember the 6′7″ guy with a mohawk guy you’re talking about. Dude was messing up everybody in the mosh pit.

    Awesome show…i still get the chills when I think about it.

    “Good evening. We’re Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles California”

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