Just Words?

Like the rest of the country, I’ve caught the Obama fever. As with any of my political affiliations and aspirations, this has caused much dismay to my Mother, (although she’s probably happier that I’m not supporting Billary) who still believes that Obama is secretly a Muslim and a communist.

Check out Obama here in response to claims that his message is ‘just words.’


One thought on “Just Words?

  1. Too bad Obama is not going to win the nomination. “Billary” is far too powerful and dedicated to let that happen, regardless of what the people want:

    For eight long years with lies and tears
    They kept their foes in check
    The crafty two knew how to brew
    A storm as fierce as heck
    The democrats who gave congrats
    For what they did to Starr
    Will change their tune so very soon
    When Rodham goes too far


    And more than that, she filled her hat
    With superdelegates
    Who backed her run by two-to-one
    And helped her hedge her bets
    The people’s bane would help maintain
    Her aristocracy
    These democrats could call the match

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