Musings about Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits Music Festival

This year’s trip back to the homeland for ACL was among the more memorable of my now five years of attendance.

Good music, amazing food, great friends, and a little urine. That’s right, urine.

I love going back to Austin for ACL because I get a chance to see a lot of old friends that I don’t normally see. It’s a good excuse for everyone to get together. Every year I tend to see someone that I haven’t seen for a very long time and it is usually pretty interesting. This year was no exception.

On Saturday the little lady and I were hanging out watching Arctic Monkeys rock out when we met up with two friends I went to high school with. One of them, who I won’t name, I had not seen in well over four years. He was a pretty good friend in high school and generally a good guy. Today however, he was WASTED at about 5 PM. Let the comedy ensue.

After stopping off at the beer stand to get what I soon learned was his 10th beer (he was chasing the beers with a plastic bottle full of wine which he would later claim to be acid), we headed over to camp out for Muse.

We picked a good spot close to the stage and the seven people in my current crew and I sat around for a little down time. My old friend, after screaming at everyone for a good 10 minutes for not putting him in their Top 8 on MySpace, and almost burning me twice with his cigarette, decided he needed to go to the bathroom.

You can imagine our surprise when he returned a few minutes later. The bathrooms were not close, and his drunk ass had to navigate through a couple hundred people on blankets.

Now imagine our surprise when we all noticed the very large, very wet spot that had suddenly appeared in a 10 inch radius surrounding the front of his pants.

Yep, you guessed it. He pissed himself.

Now I don’t know what was funnier, the fact that he had pissed himself and clearly did not know this had occurred (wine, anyone?), or that we were all sitting on a blanket and he was standing such that the scene of the crime on his pants was directly in front of our faces, often times waiving dangerously close to the heads innocent bystanders.

The remaining time waiting for Muse was spent watching him try to grope women, yell more about not being in Top 8’s on MySpace, calling my friends from India Brazilians, calling my Native American friend an Indian in front of the Indians, and screaming that he was on drugs. All after having pissed his pants.

After being absolutely annihilated by Muse (more later), it was the consensus of the group that our felon had turned into a repeat offender. He pissed himself again.

Now I can understand Muse making someone piss themselves, but that was ridiculous.

I must admit that had this not occurred, the weekend wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable. It’s great to see old friends. It’s even better when they piss themselves. Twice.

Now, to the music.

Let it be known heretofore that the band called Muse will be placed in the upper echelon of the Brooklyn TX Music Experience with the likes of Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool. In fact, I would put them ahead of Korn and Deftones.

This band is absolutely amazing – on an entire other level than any band out right now. ACL Festival was my third time to see these blokes (see my MSG review) and they keep getting better and better.

It’s not just the lights, video, and coordination of the show. These guys are amazing musicians that will fucking scorch your face off with some of the hardest shit around. They aren’t associated with some of the harder rock bands, but I have no bones about saying that Muse is just as hard as Metallica. I’ve seen both bands three times.

I’m going to post some videos of Muse at ACL to wet your appetite, but first, here’s my ranking of the bands I saw:

LCD Soundsystem
Kaiser Chiefs
Cold War Kids
Arctic Monkeys
The Killers
Damien Rice
Andrew Bird

Oh and I’m pissed that missed Peter Bjorn & John although I heard they sucked.

You can check out Wheezy’s take at Why Not.

Now without further adieu, the Muse videos.

A compilation video

Feeling Good

Take a Bow



Super Massive Black Hole


Shiner Bock at Whole Foods on Bowery?!?

Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room New York

Not quite yet. But the new Whole Foods Market on Bowery introduced what can only be described as a beer lover’s utopia: a Beer Room boasting over 200 different beers, many of which you won’t find anywhere else in New York.

Not only do they have six local beers on tap – including Brooklyn Blanche which I’ve only found at Brooklyn Brewery here in Williamsburg – but they ENCOURAGE requests for new types of beer.

Imagine my glee. OK stop. Now imagine my glee again. GLEE.

Now I’ve already spoken with the ‘beerkeep’ and formally requested Shiner Bock, but I encourage every other Texan in New York to call and hassle. The beerkeep was both surprised and excited by my request.

The official line was look for it in 2-4 weeks, and expect a full list of beers on the Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room site in the very near future.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to take Shiner home, the BrooklynTX street team has spotted Shiner on sale at Rodeo Bar and at RUB. But you’ll have to enjoy it at the bar.

Whole Foods Market Bowery Beer Room
95 E. Houston (at 2nd Ave), 212-420-1320

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse

So I had a very interesting conversation with my dear old Mother today.

After making a few disparaging remarks about the anti-Bush rhetoric that can be found on my blog, she told me that she wanted me to help her make a MySpace page.

Now I’m not going to disclose Madre’s age because I now know she’s a BrooklynTX reader and she’ll beat my ass, but I do recall her telling me she’s been getting AARP literature in the mail.

Love ya Mom, but MySpace is SO 2005. Let’s set up that Facebook account.


On an entirely unrelated note, has now surpassed 2,000 visitors.

They said it couldn’t be done. Actually “they” didn’t say anything, because nobody actually gave a damn. But in any case, here’s a toast to 2,000 more completely insignificant and worthless visits!


Shiner Bock Comes to NYC

That’s right you read correctly. In what is quite possibly the greatest human achievement since the Lego, Rodeo Bar on 3rd Ave. and 27th street has somehow managed to smuggle Shiner Bock beer in from Texas.

Shiner Bock Beer Sold in NYC

Any Texan living in New York City will tell you that the one thing missing from home is Shiner Bock. Sure you can get Lone Star in a few bars, or get Blue Bell Ice Cream at the new Hill Country Barbecue – or even get Salt Lick once a year at the BBQ festival in Madison Square Park. But all these pale in comparison when talking about the best things from Texas.

Texans don’t just love Shiner Bock, it’s like holy water. Every Texan learns about the Spoetzl Brewery around the same age as the Alamo (they’re pretty close too). I know a few people that would kill a man over a Shiner Bock.

So soak it in Texans. Rejoice in all the glory that is Shiner in the City. And thank my roommate Breisen for going to Rodeo Bar last Saturday. Cheers!