Daft Punk + Kanye West = Awesome

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Daft Punk and Kanye West have teamed up for “Stronger,” the second single off of Kanye’s new album Graduation that drops September 18th. Check it. Hopefully Universal Music won’t take it down.


So Close I Can Smell Texas

I love September.

Labor Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial end to summer here in the Big Apple. No more McCarren Pool Parties, River to River Festival, or wearing white dresses. Except maybe in Chelsea.

But what it does mean is football, more football, and ACL Festival!!

Next weekend for the fifth straight year I will be attending the annual music festival that turns Austin on it’s heels and pours out more sweat than Travis after watching the Call On Me video. Stay tuned for a review when I get back.

Travie Sweatie

Shiner Bock at Whole Foods on Bowery?!?

Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room New York

Not quite yet. But the new Whole Foods Market on Bowery introduced what can only be described as a beer lover’s utopia: a Beer Room boasting over 200 different beers, many of which you won’t find anywhere else in New York.

Not only do they have six local beers on tap – including Brooklyn Blanche which I’ve only found at Brooklyn Brewery here in Williamsburg – but they ENCOURAGE requests for new types of beer.

Imagine my glee. OK stop. Now imagine my glee again. GLEE.

Now I’ve already spoken with the ‘beerkeep’ and formally requested Shiner Bock, but I encourage every other Texan in New York to call and hassle. The beerkeep was both surprised and excited by my request.

The official line was look for it in 2-4 weeks, and expect a full list of beers on the Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room site in the very near future.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to take Shiner home, the BrooklynTX street team has spotted Shiner on sale at Rodeo Bar and at RUB. But you’ll have to enjoy it at the bar.

Whole Foods Market Bowery Beer Room
95 E. Houston (at 2nd Ave), 212-420-1320

The Hipster Olympics

My roomie Breisen stumbled upon what is probably the most hilarious portrayal of the myth and legend that is the Williamsburg hipster.

For those of you that are not from around these parts, Williamsburg a neighborhood in Brooklyn notorious for it’s uber-hip wanna-be artists/musicians/actors residents, known in layman’s terms as the hipster.

A more adequate description would be:

The hipster listens to bands that you have never heard of and has a hairstyle that can only be described as “complicated” (most likely achieved by a minimum of one week not washing it). Probably tattooed. Definitely cooler than you. Reads Black Book, Nylon, and the Styles section of the New York Times. Drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon. Often. Complains. Always denies being a hipster. Probably living off parents money – and spends a great deal of it to look like they don’t have any. Has friends and/or self cut hair. Dyes it frequently (black, white-blonde, etc. and until scalp bleeds). Has a closet full of clothing but usually wears same three things OVER AND OVER (most likely very tight black pants, scarf, and ironic tee-shirt). Chips off nail polish artfully after $50 manicure. Sleeps with everyone and talks about it at great volume in crowded coffee shops. Addicted to coffee, cigarettes (Parliaments, Camel Reds, Lucky Strikes, etc.), and possibly cocaine. Claims to be in a band. Rehearsals consist of choosing outfits for next show and drinking PBR. Majors or majored in art, writing, or queer studies. Name-drops. May go by “Penny Lane,” “Eleanor Rigby,” etc. when drunk. On PBR. Which is usually.

So enjoy this hilarious tribute to hipsterdom, The Hipster Olympics.

McGruff the Crime Dog sings Chocolate Rain

McGruff the Crime Dog

In case you haven’t heard, the biggest internet sensation this summer has been Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain. Not only has it been covered by the likes of Trey Cool and John Mayer, but Tay has even made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to sing his smash hit.

But the biggest cover artist of all is non other than everyone’s favorite drug fighting canine, McGruff the Crime Dog. Enjoy.

Daft Punk’s ELECTROMA – NYC Premiere!

Daft Punk Electroma

Just saw via BrooklynVegan that the New York City premiere of Daft Punk’s ELECTROMA will be held Friday and Saturday nights at midnight at the Landmark Theatre.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Two robots (played by Peter Hurteau and Michael Reich) journey across a mythic American landscape of haunting, surreal beauty on a quest to become human. Their symbolic quest takes them from endless two lane highways to small idyllic towns to the arid desert. With its breathtaking cinematography, innovative filming techniques, and above all its underlying search for humanity within a dystopian environment, electronic music duo Daft Punk (directors Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) have delivered a film that finds a common thread with their previous work while exploring new horizons. ”

If you can’t hit up the film then check out this view from BEHIND the pyramid to entice you. Thanks to Pitchfork for the image.

Daft Punk Tables

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse

So I had a very interesting conversation with my dear old Mother today.

After making a few disparaging remarks about the anti-Bush rhetoric that can be found on my blog, she told me that she wanted me to help her make a MySpace page.

Now I’m not going to disclose Madre’s age because I now know she’s a BrooklynTX reader and she’ll beat my ass, but I do recall her telling me she’s been getting AARP literature in the mail.

Love ya Mom, but MySpace is SO 2005. Let’s set up that Facebook account.


On an entirely unrelated note, BrooklynTX.com has now surpassed 2,000 visitors.

They said it couldn’t be done. Actually “they” didn’t say anything, because nobody actually gave a damn. But in any case, here’s a toast to 2,000 more completely insignificant and worthless visits!